180 Degrees of 24 Years


Le bateau ivre 1997

15. Le Bateau Ivre 1997

Savaged by scribble 2005

14. Savaged by scribble 2005

The simple prawn experiences a sudden, overpowering perception into the nature of things 1989

13. The simple prawn experiences a sudden, overpowering perception into the nature of things 1989

Day and night 1990

12. Day and night 1990

Skinny-dipper 1990

11. Skinny-dipper 1990

Look in the window 1992

10. Look in the window 1992

Blue Waratah 2010

9. Blue Waratah 2010


2 responses

  1. Beautiful!

    So Samhain (summers end) is a Celtic festival.
    Diwali is the Festival of Lights. Do i detect a theme here?

    “Look in the window” is that from the flat in Roslyn Gardens?

    I love “Day & Night” It’s like a musical note suspended in the air at dusk.

    And “Skinny Dipper” Who can resist a big fuzzy peach 🙂

    Your new/old stuff is a revelation, keep it coming.


    August 2, 2011 at 11:28 am

    • Anonymous

      Seasons, festivals and passing time. How else can we name the months as they pass?

      “Look in the window” is from a series of drawings of places I’ve lived with Jody and latterly the kids. They capture more for me of those times than any photograph. If you look close there’s a fish from a John West promo that Jody kept from some student thing back then, but the fish keeps turning up in images of places we’ve lived. I think we still have the fish somewhere.

      “Day and night” is actually meant to depict a subatomic slice through reality, a wave form in four dimensions reduced to two. Then I realised I liked it for itself as an image. It works as well for an artistic logo as for a concept of quantum gravitational physics. Just an interest of mine, not something I ever developed into theory.

      You’re so right, “Skinny Dipper” started out as a big fuzzy peach. There’s a few more of that series, but the others just stayed peaches. I like this one because it crosses over with life figures drawn from a fevered imagination, who’d have thought I had such a thing for peaches?

      This, by the way, is the “minimal commentary” I mentioned. So if you want to know more about individual pieces, just ask! Or come and see me!


      August 3, 2011 at 4:44 am

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