180 Degrees of 24 Years


Diving for squid off the kitchen shelf 2013

151. Diving for squid off the kitchen shelf 2013

This is not a sex toy 2013

150. This is not a sex toy 2013

Sentinel of Wollumbin 1998

149. Sentinel of Wollumbin 1998

Whiteley's giraffe revisited 2009

148. Whiteley’s London Zoo Giraffe revisited 2009

Jody's 35 2004

147. Jody’s 35! 2004

Wishing for roots 1990

146. Wishing for roots 1990

Resonant canoe 2004

145. Resonant canoe 2004

Synapse relapse 1995

144. Synapse relapse 1995


2 responses

  1. Damn WordPress,
    Got mixed up with what post i was on>

    Hey Michael,

    You must be getting close to finished, that’s quite a body of work you have up now.
    I particularly like “Black & White Broken”.
    Is there a story behind that?
    The whale diving is made in resin no?
    Very effective though i can see the likelihood for confusion 🙂


    November 24, 2013 at 1:17 am

    • Hi Brett, the whale is modelling clay mounted on a casting resin base. I used titanium white oil paint to tint the resin hoping for an effect like a plume of white water under the force of the tail, but in fact I think the effect is to fuse the white whale with the white water, with the result that people always ask first what it’s made of, then how; less often why. The base is meant to have the appearance of a ray of light beaming down into deep water.

      “This is not a sex toy” is a necessary product warning prompted by the immediate reactions of some girlfriends who couldn’t help themselves hilariously admiring how smooth and hard the whale is. Dear oh dear.

      “Black and white broken”, like “Freehand in question” is a comment on the degeneration of truth in art and public life generally. I would stand on the ocean until I start sinking if I could do something about this, but so as not to wind up in an ASIO holding cell I prefer to keep it in the abstract, pursuing dadaist performance with bush poetry and busking to nail the stupid bastardry out of my own life at least.

      November 26, 2013 at 1:28 am

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