180 Degrees of 24 Years


Sacrifice for Lou 2013

180. Sacrifice for Lou 2013

Dragon in the data 2013

179. Dragon in the data 2013

Not for beating 2013

178. Not for beating 2013

Maze in season 2013

177. Maze in season 2013

Well, here it is two-and-a-half years later and there’s 180 pieces hung on the wall; so the 180 Degrees project is now complete. Thank you so much for your patience, your very kind words, and your long commitments of friendship and family love over many years. I totally agree with all of you, even where you don’t agree with each other.

Now that the real objectives of the Backlogue are starting to emerge, may I invite you to continue to follow me, in serial and episodic form, as I unfold The Songs of the Small World and The Hunting of A Snark … here on these pages … if I ever get around to it ….

With even more love than before, Michael



2 responses

  1. Wow, now that’s an impressive body of work! All 180 of them and i know there’s probably a few pieces that got lost along the way.
    You can’t help but be drawn to the time-lines as you scroll through them all: 1980’s – 90’s and some quite recent.
    “Thanks for all these fine fish :-}”
    Lv brett

    December 27, 2013 at 12:07 am

    • Backlogue

      Hundreds of other pieces are not here. Nor could they be. I have given so much away, left so much behind, forgotten more, lost the rest. If anyone has anything not included in this my private collection, could you send me a snap so I can see how they have grown up? We are talking about most of the best stuff things I ever did, that I gave with my love long ago, so there’s no way I would ask for them back.

      December 27, 2013 at 1:41 am

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