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Triple J Hottest 100 Australian Albums of All Time

I loved JJJ-FM’s list of 100 Top Australian albums too, but the music on this list is harder to find, I guess because Australia is a smaller market, smaller fanbase.  Still I’ve got to have this here, to try to balance the immense weight of Rolling Stone’s north-centric list. Both lists seem to have pretty much all MY favourite albums of all time, plus enough others to last another lifetime.

OK then, with your permission to follow JJJ’s  great work, Australia’s #1 album of all time is …

1.  Odyssey Number Five   POWDERFINGER

2.  Frogstomp   SILVERCHAIR

3.  Back in Black   AC/DC

4.  The Living End**   THE LIVING END

5.  Kick   INXS

6.  Internationalist**   POWDERFINGER

7.  Apocalypso**   THE PRESETS

8.  Wolfmother   WOLFMOTHER

9.  Since I Left You   THE AVALANCHES

10.  Unit**   REGURGITATOR

11.  Like Drawing Blood   GOTYE

12.  Guide to Better Living   GRINSPOON

13.  Crowded House   CROWDED HOUSE

14.  Vulture Street   POWDERFINGER

15.  Slightly Odway*   JEBEDIAH

16.  The Hard Road   HILLTOP HOODS

17.  Eternal Nightcap**   THE WHITLAMS

18.  Woodface**   CROWDED HOUSE

19.  Innerspeaker   TAME IMPALA

20.  Conditions   THE TEMPER TRAP

21.  10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1**   MIDNIGHT OIL

22.  Diorama**   SILVERCHAIR

23.  The Calling**   HILLTOP HOODS

24.  Sunrise Over Sea   JOHN BUTLER TRIO

25.  Get Born   JET

26.  Hourly, Daily**   YOU AM I

27.  Neon Ballroom   SILVERCHAIR

28.  The Cat Empire**   THE CAT EMPIRE

29.  The Sound of White**   MISSY HIGGINS

30.  Themata   KARNIVOOL

31.  Down the Way**   ANGUS AND JULIA STONE

32.  Universes**   BIRDS OF TOKYO

33.  Diesel and Dust**   MIDNIGHT OIL

34.  Memories and Dust**   JOSH PIKE

35.  Hi Fi Way**   YOU AM I

36.  In Ghost Colours   CUT COPY

37.  Highly Evolved   THE VINES

38.  A Book Like This**   ANGUS AND JULIA STONE

39.  The Birds of Tokyo**   THE BIRDS OF TOKYO

40.  Echolalia**   SOMETHING FOR KATE

41.  Double Allergic**   POWDERFINGER

42.  East**   COLD CHISEL

43.  Freak Show   SILVERCHAIR

44.  Tu Plang**   REGURGITATOR

45.  Sound Awake**   KARNIVOOL

46.  Walking on a Dream   EMPIRE OF THE SUN

47.  Black Fingernails, Red Wine   ESKIMO JOE

48.  Ivy and the Big Apples   SPIDERBAIT

49.  Whispering Jack**   JOHN FARNHAM

50.  The New Normal   COG

51.  I Believe You Liar**   WASHINGTON

52.  Murder Ballads   NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS


54.  Tea and Sympathy**   BERNARD FANNING

55.  Blue Sky Mining   MIDNIGHT OIL

56.  Bliss Release**   CLOUD CONTROL

57.  The Honeymoon is Over   THE CRUEL SEA

58.  New Detention   GRINSPOON

59.  As Day Follows Night**   SARAH BLASKO

60.  We Are Born   SIA

61.  Hold Your Colour   PENDULUM

62.  Cruel Guards   THE PANICS

63.  Grand National   THE JOHN BUTLER TRIO

64.  Polyserena   GEORGE

65.  Cold Chisel**   COLD CHISEL

66.  Running on Air   BLISS N ESO

67.  Flying Colours   BLISS N ESO

68.  The Experiment   ART VS SCIENCE


70.  Young Modern   SILVERCHAIR

71.  Beams   THE PRESETS

72.  Beautiful Sharks   SOMETHING FOR KATE

73.  Highway to Hell   AC/DC

74.  The Overture and the Underscore   SARAH BLASKO

75.  Living in the 70s   SKYHOOKS

76.  Human Frailty**   HUNTERS AND COLLECTORS

77.  Immersion   PENDULUM


79.  Gravity Won’t Get You High**   THE GRATES

80.  (I’m) Stranded   THE SAINTS

81.  Feeler   PETE MURRAY

82.  Up All Night   THE WAIFS

83.  Wonder   LISA MITCHELL

84.  16 Lovers Lane   THE GO-BETWEENS

85.  State of the Art   HILLTOP HOODS

86.  This is the Warning   Dead Letter Circus

87.  A Song is a City   ESKIMO JO


89.  Pnau   PNAU

90.  The Long Now   CHILDREN COLLIDE

91.  Gilgamesh**   GYPSY AND THE CAT

92.  A Man’s Not A Camel   FRENZAL RHOMB

93.  Moo, You Bloody Choir   AUGIE MARCH

94.  Everything is True   PAUL DEMPSEY

95.  Stoneage Romeos   HOODOO GURUS

96.  Paging Mr Strike   MACHINE GUN FELLATIO


98.  The Boatman’s Call   NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS

99.  Thrills, Kills and Sunday Spills   GRINSPOON

100.  Two Shoes   THE CAT EMPIRE


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