180 Degrees of 24 Years

Songs of Freedom

This is one more small step in a long-delayed musical career, a collection of songs, some original, some based on the inspiration of artists and poets I admire, and some just stealing the poetry or art and putting it to music. I’m a magpie, a lyre bird, but the music at least will be all mine.

What would be wrong for instance in taking WH Auden’s “Refugee Blues” and actually playing it with the blues? In the end I went for something Leonard Cohen would recognise, or Lou Reed even, except it has more chords than Reed would use and probably less than Leonard Cohen.

Mr Cohen, if you’re out there, play my song! Lou Reed, Dr Reed ma’ man, hear me!

**Work in progress. Excuse crude chord charts and stagey directions until I learn to write this down.

C and D Went F and G

Refugee Blues



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